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Friday, October 5


I want to start focussing on portraits, using my OM10, before she gives up her mechanical ghost.

Lady Grey 35mm
Olympus OM10 50mm

Monday, June 25

Paper: Hound Magazine

An interesting and easily edible free zine. I found my copy of Hound magazine whilst feeling rather out of place in Rough Trade, at the back by the notices. It was amongst other free music mags like The Stool Pigeon, and I guess that's what it primarily is, a free music mag, but its probably the most engaging and well put together one I've ever picked up.

40 smaller-than-a4 newspaper quality pages of the expected music reviews, interviews and new releases, but theres also some wild cards and off the wall bits, a couple articles struggling with the concept of utopia vs dystopia, a comic strip, a centre fold poster of a gorgeous illustration and even an interview with Jesus Christ. On the whole, the combination of music content and interesting bits makes it wholly engaging and so easy to read, I gobbled it up.
The design is quite nice, not too perfect but simple and easily navigated, with some nice font details and lots of room.
And, I adore the front cover. Always a sucker for a bit of gritty photography.

Friday, May 11

Mag Design: The devil's in the delightful details

I got my hands on the latest issue of Huck magazine last week at Printout. They've had a bit of a subtle redesign as far as the news-y bit at the front goes, a slight change to format and content so it reads more narratively. The block arrows and shapes link each piece together, making navigation a breeze whilst also being rather easy on the eye. Very clever, hats off to you boys.

I especially love this page with the sweeping line, almost an Art Nouveau feel, flawless.

More mag design reviews to come soon.

Friday, April 20

I need to dust

1/60 f/1.8, 550D + Nifty Fifty

Tuesday, April 17

Film captures things that digital never will

 Shades Of Glamour

All images shot on Illford HP2, Olumpus OM10 aka my baby. Might be its last shout, as its shutter isnt cooperating...

All photography Plastered Magazine
Hair and make up Cassie King
Model Kimberley @ Nevs
All clothing Blitz department store

We always shoot on digital and film - See the digital shots here

Wednesday, April 4

Quickest Year Ever?

Has it really been a year since the first Printout? Crikey.

So, pop on down to the Book Club and celebrate a year of a fantastic independent magazine initiative. Its an amazing night, full of interesting discussion from people involved in some of the most exciting, beautiful and thoroughly independent magazine being made, and there are tables full of beautiful magazines to leaf through and drool over, i know i will be.

Get your ticket quick, its fills up fast.

Monday, March 12

Wednesday, November 23

Tuesday, November 22

OM10 love

Nothing like a good, reliable, heavy analogue camera. Digital cameras just dont have the reassuring click and whir, the metallic smell, and the slight risk of the pictures not coming out. Photoshop filters are for cheaters, and don't even get me started on hipstamatic. Om10 love.

Monday, October 10

Taking Pictures Of Your Friends Is Fun

Especially when your friends happen to be beautiful Thai models. You rule Nat.